Here is the new paint job for the Emperor Dragon, done by Jeremy of Creature Caster.

This red color scheme was chosen to pay homage to fantasy painter Larry Elmore, who was the main inspiration for the sculpture of the Emperor Dragon. Larry Elmore is most famous for his work with TSR and illustrated a lot of material for Dragonlance. 

Another feature of this paint job is the wing texture, done by freehanding the lighter color over a darker airbrushed gradient. 

Happy painting! 


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Craig Denholm

Craig Denholm

Fantastic! As soon as I looked at the photo I recognised the Dragon from the D&D Red Box (Beginners? Starter? Basic? I don’t recall) from way way back in the mid 80’s. I used to stare at that artwork time and time again as it conjured fantasy worlds in my pre-teen mind. The sculpt is incredible. It’s great to see this Dragon brought to life, perched upon some eyrie as it makes it’s cunning plans to rob the unsuspecting of their treasure. Brilliant. The miniature has been wonderfully painted, I particularly like the way the artist has aged the armour plating on it’s back and the wing texture is extremely effective then the face, it is so characterful . Just all round gorgeous. Love it. Amazing work Jeremy!!

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