We know many of you have been following us for years waiting for Creature Caster models to become available for retail. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and support. It has been a journey to get here but we are beyond excited to finally be able to offer our high quality miniatures to all of you.

To thank you all for sticking by us, and to celebrate the opening of our store we are offering a very limited time sale on all our products. For three days only, while supplies last, you can get any miniature in our store for 15% off retail price. We don’t expect the limited stock to last long, so act quickly to get your model today.

Don’t forget we offer free shipping on all orders to US or Canada of $150 Canadian dollars or more, and free shipping on all international orders of $250 Canadian dollars or more.

We are very proud of these models and know that you are going to love having them on your tabletop.



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