The Creature Caster 2016-2017 Catalog, is an epic project that has been years in the making. The Creature Caster genesis started with the inspiration to make truly impressive models for the miniature gaming community. An unerring and exacting passion for art, sculpture, and gaming has invoked a truly inspiring catalog.

When a Creature Caster miniature takes its place of honor on the tabletop it inspires awe in all who see it. Mounted on a small and playable footprint, these models tower over their foes, creating a true centerpiece for your army. They are equally suited as a display piece, and are a stunning addition to any cabinet. Great care is put into creating fantasy anatomy that is as realistic and functional as possible. Lavish detail is put on each and every surface. Equally important to us is the pose and silhouette of the sculpt, and even from a distance each Creature Caster miniature is instantly recognizable by its unique outline. Extensive consideration is taken to make sure our dynamic poses are interesting, practical, and suitable for the character of the model.

When casting our models we strive for the highest quality possible. From conception to, render, to production, we are always planning our designs to bring the best finished miniature to you. The valuable experience gained through our kickstarter is applied to every miniature in the catalog. Molds are carefully designed to minimize mold lines, and avoid disruption of detail. We use a triple stage casting process to eliminate air bubbles from the finished piece. Our pure, unfilled, resin is second to none, offering incredible strength and durability. Our models are easy to prep, tool,  and clean for painting.

We really love our models and hope that you will as well!



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