Below is a quick summary of our preorder system. For more details please read further.

  • Preorders are limited to 100.
  • Production begins as soon as the preorder is announced.
  • Retail will not begin till (at minimum) 2 weeks after the preorders ship.
  • Preorders are guaranteed to receive alternate bits.
  • Preorders unlock alternate bits for retail:
    • At 50 Preorders the first alternate bit is unlocked for retail.
    • At 100 Preorders the second alternate bit is unlocked retail.  

Our preorders run a little longer than for most other companies, and we want them to be a semi interactive experience in which customer support for a kit leads to additions parts being unlocked for that kit, and directs future development.

Firstly, it is important to note that our preorders are limited, so if you want to guarantee yourself a model please preorder as soon as possible. The reason this is done is so that we can guarantee delivery of the product on the promised date. Before the preorder is even announced masters have been made, production molds are finished, and the actual production is ready to start.

Secondly, when a model finishes it’s preorder cycle it will not immediately be available for retail. There will be a minimum of a 2 week period in which we assess the masters and create more production molds. The number of production molds produced depends on the success of the preorder. This success is measured not just in the number of preorders, but factors like mold breakage, and difficulty of casting. It is possible that some models will be retired after this assessment and not be brought to market, it is also possible that the final retail price will be higher than the preorder price. In summary, customers who preorder not only guarantee their product at the best possible deal, but will have their models shipped out at least 2 weeks before the model will be available in retail.

Finally, all preorder models are guaranteed to receive the alternate bits shown for each model. However, the alternate bits will only be unlocked for retail sale when we achieve the following preorder goals.

  1.  At 50 preorders the first alternate bit unlocks for retail (head example for Glutton Demon)
  2.  At the 100 preorder limit the second alternate bit is unlocked for retail.

If we don’t reach these goals then additional molds for the alternate pieces will not be produced for retail. However, to thank our preorder customers these alternate bits are guaranteed for them regardless of the milestones reached or not reached. This can be thought of as stretch goals similar to a kickstarter campaign, but with security instead of risk for preorder customers.

We hope that this system will lead to some fun and excitement for everyone, as we release updates and teasers throughout the preorder campaign. Please let us know what you think!



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