The Lady of Corruption, is the first Demonic Lady in our new line. Born aloft on leathery wings, she is a threat that no opponent can ignore on the battle field. Amongst demons she is not known for her martial prowess, but her physical might should not be ignored. Swift, and agile, her mantis like claws have disembowelled many who dismissed her mutation as a hindrance instead of a boon. Her massive talon, while slower to strike, is imbued with monstrous strength that can carve through armour or bone with ease. However, her true power is far more sinister than simple hand to hand combat.


The Lady of Corruption is possessed with a desire to subvert the natural world so strong that it flows from her in invisible waves. Everything in her proximity is subject to a tainted force both enticing and abhorrent. The ground upon which she walks is warped by her presence, contorting to her will, and becoming a scar on the landscape. Mortals often find themselves beguiled by her strange and wicked beauty. Seduced with dreams of forbidden pleasure, they stand dumbstruck as her gentle caress twists them into horrific mockeries of their former selves. Their distorted, pain wracked, forms are most pleasing to the Lady of Corruption. Those once pure of heart sink into the foulest depravity, while she smiles at them indulgently. They destroy all that they once held dear, while her mocking laughter echoes in what is left of their minds.


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Gareth Pannan

Gareth Pannan

WOW!!!!!!!! Looks fantastic!

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