A revised, and enhanced sculpt will soon be added to our First Wave catalog.

Glutton Demon is a truly monstrous presence on the battlefield. His physical bulk is greater than even the largest of dragons. Such prodigious size is not without cost as he must constantly devour his enemies in order to fuel his unnatural metabolism.  His corpulence is host to parasites, bacteria, and viruses that are held at bay, and enhanced in lethality, by his aberrant vigour. Enemies who engage him often find themselves weakened by an unnatural  fever as their own immune system turns against them. Organs rupture and blood boils leaving them helpless before this unholy monster. Whether smashed to pulp by his monstrous mace, or brought low by his symbiotic diseases, Glutton Demon finds all their deaths to be delicious.


... and here is a sneak peak of one of our current works in progress.

Discription and back story coming soon.